Referral and Broker Program

Referral and Broker Program

Join Our Team of Professionals

At Beacon Hill Funding Solutions, we know that making and building relationships is an integral part of providing clients with the best options for financing. Our referral and broker program gives us a chance to work with people who are interested in submitting a transaction to us for review. We are always open to looking at a deal you may present, and you will find that our program offers a number of incentives.

How It Works

Our commercial financing company is an industry leader, and we are proud to have one of the best broker programs featuring the highest commission for every transaction that we fund. We believe in keeping an open communication with clients, which is why there may be times that we ask to work directly with them. We find that this is especially beneficial on complex or large deals.

We also find that it is important for you to maintain a relationship with your client. If one of your clients comes back to us for another transaction, we will kindly refer him or her back to you. Through protecting our brokers, we know that we can maintain a positive relationship and best serve the customer.

Working With Us

At Beacon Hill Funding Solutions, we have a number of openings across the country that are ideal for people who are hard-working and ready to boost their careers. If you would like to join our broker program, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you like to work with a company that is growing and nationally recognized?
  • Do you wish you made more money for working as hard as you do?
  • Would your clients benefit from having a variety of fast, flexible solutions for funding?
  • Can you see the benefit of being able to work from anywhere using our financial tools and identity?
  • Would you enjoy working with a team of talented professionals who are committed to helping your clients?

If you answered “yes” or found yourself nodding along to these questions, we would love to talk to you. Please contact one of our team members at Beacon Hill Funding Solutions to schedule an interview today.

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